Talk: Franz Hover: Designing Fast Robot Teams Underwater

Speaker: Franz Hover , MIT

Date: Friday, October 04, 2013

Time: 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Note: all times are in the Eastern Time Zone

Refreshments: 3:45 PM

Public: Yes

Location: 3-370

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Reminder Subject: TALK: Franz Hover: Designing Fast Robot Teams Underwater

PLUME-CHASERS: Designing Fast Robot Teams Underwater

Franz Hover, MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering

Friday, October 4th at 4:00pm in 3-370

Pursuit is a general class of perception and control problems defined by critical space and time scales: a follower that cannot maintain adequate real-time performance will simply be unable to keep up. Autonomous pursuit missions in the ocean include tracking of a marine vehicle or animal, and monitoring a large-scale ocean process
like an oil plume or chemical front. The opportunity for multi-vehicle sensing systems to contribute is clear, but wireless communication has been a perennial bottleneck that prevents truly dynamic operation. Network-based control, a major research area over the last ten years, offers some solutions since packet loss, quantization, and delay are all relevant to acoustic modems in use today. I will discuss some of the framework and leading approaches for disciplined design of marine vehicle teams operating under severe communication constraints. Our work includes the multi-armed bandit for stochastic adaptive positioning, target pursuit with joint estimation and
coordinated control through acoustic modems, and an extension of target pursuit to follow ocean features. The integrated “plume-chaser”
mission is made possible by projecting a predictive field model onto vehicle coordinates, and applying strong synthesis tools within a
linear time-invariant framework.

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