Panel on Challenges of Linked Data

Speaker: Tim Berners-Lee, Helena F. Deus, Jim Hendler, David Karger, Mona Vernon, David Wood

Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

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In a seminal 2001 article in the Scientific American, Tim Berners-Lee, Jim Hendler, and Ora Lassila laid out their vision of the Semantic Web. In this vision, software agents use machine understandable "semantic" data to do everything for us from scheduling appointments to booking tickets and even identifying appropriate healthcare providers. However, this vision did not turn into a reality and the Semantic Web failed to take off. In 2006, Tim Berners-Lee and others proposed a set of simple design principles, Linked Data, that used a subset of Semantic Web standards to enable structured data to be easily found, exchanged, and manipulated. This more foundational element of the Semantic Web moved away from large complex ontologies to simpler semantics with a view of pushing machine understandable data to the forefront. The last few years have seen an astronomic rise in the amount of Linked Data online. However, Linked Data has yet to reach the pace at which the Web is growing. Why isn’t there more Linked Data? What are the factors preventing greater deployment and use of Linked Data? Is it all a matter of engineering or are there any research challenges? Is Linked Data a good idea, or simply a rebranding of the Semantic Web? What is the vision for Linked Data? Come and hear experts in the field debate these and other questions related to the challenges of Linked Data. This panel is part of the 6.932J/15.377J Linked Data Ventures class.

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