Multiparametric organ modeling for shape statistics and simulation procedures

Speaker: Juan Carlos Prieto , Harvard Medical School

Date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Reminder Subject: TALK: Multiparametric organ modeling for shape statistics and simulation procedures

Geometric modeling has been one of the most researched areas in the medical
domain. Today, there is not a well established methodology to model the
shape of an organ.
There are many approaches available and each one of them have different
strengths and weaknesses.
Most state of the art methods to model shape use surface information only.
There is an increasing need for techniques to support volumetric
information. Besides shape
characterization, a technique to differentiate objects by shape is needed.
This requires computing statistics on shape.
In this work, we use a technique for shape modeling that is able to model
surface and internal features, and is suited to compute shape statistics.
Using this technique (s-rep), a procedure to model the human cerebral
cortex is proposed. This novel representation offers new possibilities to
analyze cortical lesions and compute shape statistics on the cortex.
The second part of this work proposes a methodology to parameterize the
interior of an object. The method is flexible and can enhance the visual
aspect or the description of physical properties of an object.
The geometric modeling enhanced with physical parameters is used to produce
simulated magnetic resonance images. This image simulation approach is
validated by analyzing the behavior and performance of classic segmentation
algorithms for real images.

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