GelSight sensors for high resolution touch sensing in robotics, and many other things

Speaker: Edward H. Adelson , Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences & Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT

Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Host: Professor Russ Tedrake, MIT - CSAIL

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Reminder Subject: TALK: GelSight sensors for high resolution touch sensing in robotics, and many other things

GelSight is a technology for high resolution touch sensing, which has a wide range of applications, some unexpected. A sensor consists of a slab of clear elastomer covered with a reflective membrane, along with an embedded camera and light system. The goal was to build a robot fingertip that could match the softness and sensitivity of human skin. Using machine vision (mainly photometric stereo) one can touch a surface and quickly derive high resolution 3D geometry, allowing estimates of shape, texture, and force. By adding internal markers one can estimate tangential interactions (friction, shear and slip). With collaborators we are learning how to use this information in robotic manipulation and surface sensing. GelSightÂ’s extraordinarily high resolution has also led to a spin-off company, GelSight Inc., which makes instruments that measure the micron scale 3D geometry. Variants are being used commercially to support 3D printing, to enable forensics on bullet casings, to study human skin, and (in a large version) to measure feet for custom insoles.

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