The MIT Wireless Center 5G Day

Speaker: Professor Muriel Medard , MIT RLE - Network Coding & Reliable Communications Group

Date: Monday, April 27, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Note: all times are in the Eastern Time Zone

Public: Yes

Location: MIT, Building 36 (Haus – Allen Room, 462-428)

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Host: Dina Katabi, MIT-CSAIL

Contact: Mary McDavitt, 3-9620,

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8:30—9:00 Welcome reception

9:00—10:30 5G Panel, moderated by Prof. Muriel Médard (MIT)

Panelists: Prof. Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford)
Dr. Thierry E. Klein (Bell Labs)
Dr. Paul Polakos (Cisco Systems)
Dr. Eric Hardouin (Orange Labs)
Dr. Philip Fleming (Nokia Networks)


11:00—11:30 Talk 1: The Road Ahead for Wireless Technology: Dreams and Challenges
Prof. Andrea Goldsmith, Stanford

11:30—12:00 Talk 2: The Power of Future Wireless Networks
Dr. Thierry E. Klein, Bell Labs

12:00—1:30 Break

1:30—2:00 Talk 3: Silicon for Internet-of-Everything
Prof. Anantha P. Chandrakasan, MIT

2:00—2:30 Talk 4: 5G: the Future Internet
Dr. Eric Hardouin, Orange Labs

2:30—3:00 Talk 5: Short Packet Communication over Wireless Links
Prof. Yury Polyanskiy, MIT

3:00—3:30 Break

3:30—4:00 Talk 6: Laying a New Foundation for 5G
Dr. Paul Polakos, Cisco Systems

4:00—4:30 Talk 7: Research in 5G Technologies at Nokia Networks
Dr. Philip Fleming, Nokia Networks

4:30—5:00 Talk 8: Visions of the Wireless Future: Communications, Localization, and the IoT
Prof. Dina Katabi, MIT

5:00—5:30 Talk 9: Network Coded Multipath TCP for 5G
Prof. Muriel Médard, MIT

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