Data Driven UIs, Incrementally

Speaker: Yaron Minsky , Jane Street Capital

Date: Monday, September 12, 2016

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Location: 32-G882 (reading room)

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Reminder Subject: TALK: Data Driven UIs, Incrementally

Trading in financial markets is a data-driven affair, and as such, it
requires applications that can efficiently filter, transform and
present data to users in real time.

But there's a difficult problem at the heart of building such
applications: finding a way of expressing the necessary
transformations of the data in a way that is simultaneously easy to
understand and efficient to execute over large streams of data.

This talk will show how we've approached this problem using
/Incremental/, an OCaml library for constructing dynamic computations
that update efficiently in response to changing data. We'll show how
Incremental can be used throughout the application, from the servers
providing the data to be visualized, to the JavaScript code that
generates DOM nodes in the browser. We'll also discuss how these
applications have driven us to develop ways of using efficiently
diffable data structures to bridge the worlds of functional and
incremental computing.

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