BigData@CSAIL Data Privacy Series: Data Protection in a Multinational Information Company

Speaker: Dave Parrott, Chief Architecture Officer, and Divya Sharma, Research & Technology Strategy

Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM Note: all times are in the Eastern Time Zone

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Privacy and Data Protection laws have been with us for a long time but, suddenly, this topic is getting a lot of attention and demanding significant resources from multinational corporations to address. So what has changed? Driven by innovations such as Big Data analysis data about individuals has never been to valuable and therefore so exploitable. There has been a flurry of new regulation and governments increasing their concerns about jurisdictional boundaries. Conditions for compliance and penalties for non-compliance are getting a lot tougher. In this session, we describes the efforts that multinationals are typically engaged in and we seek to engage in active discussion around the inherent challenges.


Dave Parrott

Dr David Parrott joined Thomson Reuters in 1997 where he is presently head of Enterprise Architecture at Thomson Reuters Enterprise Centre, based in Zug, Switzerland. His career has spanned R&D, technical product management, IT architecture, systems development, and technical and data governance, providing him with a valuable mix of customer interaction and IT strategy. Before joining Thomson Reuters David ran market data development teams for Financial Times Information and led research into advanced information processing systems at British Telecommunications R&D Labs in Martlesham Heath, UK. DavidÂ’s doctoral thesis was in the field of dynamic optimisation of parallel workloads from functional programs. Throughout his career David has maintained a clear focus on using technology as an accelerator for business strategy. David is a keen figure skater and is also making the most of SwitzerlandÂ’s many Ski slopes.

Divya Sharma

Dr. Divya Sharma is currently part of the Technology Associates Program at Thomson Reuters, a selective program focused on developing technology leadership. She is currently leading the `Privacy by Design' initiative for the entire company, working with the legal privacy office, security teams and information architecture to operationalize the privacy by design principles for business and technical processes. She has also worked in the Research and Development team, using machine learning techniques to extract insights from social media data.

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, Divya completed her PhD in Computer Engineering at Cylab, Carnegie Mellon University, specializing in data privacy and security. Her research interests include security and privacy, accountability, causality, applied machine learning, data analysis and human-computer interaction. Her dissertation focused on finding causes of security and privacy violations in interaction-based systems. She holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from PEC University of Technology (India) and has interned at Microsoft Research, Symantec Research Labs and ETH Zurich.

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