Electronic medical record phenotyping using the anchor and learn framework

Speaker: David Sontag , MIT CSAIL

Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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Reminder Subject: TALK: Electronic medical record phenotyping using the anchor and learn framework

Electronic medical records (EMRs) hold a tremendous amount of information about patients that is relevant to determining the optimal
approach to patient care. As medicine becomes increasingly precise, a patientÂ’s electronic medical record phenotype will play an important
role in triggering clinical decision support systems that can deliver personalized recommendations in real time. In this talk, I introduce our recently developed "anchor and learn" framework for efficient lylearning statistically driven phenotypes with minimal manual intervention. Using this approach, we developed a phenotype library that uses both structured and unstructured data from the EMR to
represent patients for real-time clinical decision support. The resulting phenotypes are interpretable and fast to build. Evaluated in
an emergency department setting, we find that our semi-supervised learning approach (which uses no manually labeled data) performs comparably to supervised learning.

Based on joint work with Yoni Halpern and Steven Horng.

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