Directional Field Synthesis, Design, and Processing

Speaker: Amir Vaxman , Utrecht University

Date: Monday, August 14, 2017

Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Note: all times are in the Eastern Time Zone

Refreshments: 2:45 PM

Public: Yes

Location: Seminar Room G449 (Patil/Kiva)

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Host: Justin Solomon, MIT CSAIL

Contact: Mieke Moran, 617-253-5817,

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Reminder Subject: TALK: Directional Field Synthesis, Design, and Processing

Abstract: Directional fields on discrete surfaces and in volumes are key components of geometry processing. Many applications make use of such fields, among which are remeshing, surface parametrization (texture mapping), texture synthesis, fluid simulation, and many more. I will present the challenges and the limitations in the design and the analysis of such fields, and focus on novel ways to compute them.

Bio: Amir Vaxman is an universitair docent (assistant professor) in the Division Virtual Worlds at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Before his position in UU, he was a postdoctoral fellow in TU Wien (Vienna) at the Geometric Modeling and Industrial Geometry group, where he also received the Lise-Meitner fellowship. He earned his BSc in computer engineering, and his PhD in Computer science from the Technion-IIT. His research interests are geometry processing and discrete differential geometry, focusing on directional-field design, unconventional meshes, constrained shape spaces, architectural geometry, and medical applications.

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