Parsing numbers at a gigabyte per second

Speaker: Daniel Lemire

Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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Abstract: Back when disks could barely provide megabytes of bandwidth per second, slow data processing software was acceptable. It is now time to revisit our performance expectations. With disks and networks providing gigabytes per second, parsing decimal numbers from strings becomes a bottleneck. We consider the problem of parsing decimal numbers to the nearest binary floating-point value. We present a C++ implementation that is often 4 times faster than standard C library on modern 64-bit systems (Intel, AMD, ARM and POWER9). Our work is available as open source software used by major systems such as Apache Arrow and Yandex ClickHouse. The Go standard library has adopted a version of our approach. The Rust port of our library is much faster than the state-of-the-art lexical library.

Bio: Daniel is a computer science professor at the University of Quebec, and long-time blogger. He is @lemire on Twitter, and he blogs at His 75 research papers have been cited about 4000 times. He is among the top 500 GitHub users in terms of follower count:

Research Areas:
Programming Languages & Software, Systems & Networking

Impact Areas:
Big Data

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