Activity Studies in Complex Collaborative Environments

Speaker: Michael Muller , IBM Watson Research Center

Date: Friday, February 25, 2005

Time: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Refreshments: 1:15 PM

Public: Yes

Location: Patil Seminar Room (32-G449)

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Host: Jaime Teevan, CSAIL

Contact: Jaime Teevan, 617/253-1611,

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Michael Muller, Suzanne Minassian, Olga Kuchinskaya, John Tang, Catalina Danis, Chen Zhao, Daniel Gruen, Beverly Harrison, and Tom Moran

IBM Research, IBM Software Group, and UCSD
Cambridge MA USA, Westford MA USA, Irvine CA USA, San Jose CA USA, Beijing China

We explore news ways for people to work together in complex, shared information and coordination environments.  Previous research in navigation and shared spaces has tended to emphasize individual navigation, formally inscribed spaces, social filtering, and boundary objects.  We describe some of that research, including an early activity-centric prototype that has now become part of our IBM Workplace product.  We then turn to new work.  Based on ethnographic research into complex collaborative work in organizations, we extend the concept of navigational "landmarks" to include not only individually-used documents, but also shared landmarks in the form of persons, roles, and events.  We have begun to apply this concept of shared landmarks in new, experimental activity-centric environments to support the work of teams and organizations in complex projects.

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