Understanding Multi-User Interface and Interactions On and Across Direct-Touch Surfaces

Speaker: Chia Shen , MERL

Date: Friday, April 29, 2005

Time: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Refreshments: 3:15 PM

Public: Yes

Location: Patil Seminar Room (32-G449)

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Host: Jaime Teevan, CSAIL

Contact: Jaime Teevan, 617/253-1611, teevan@mit.edu

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While "displays" have the connotation of affording visual output, "surfaces" invite the users to interact. What happens then when the surfaces are also displays, when a direct input interface space and output visual space are superimposed onto the same surfaces? In this talk, I will first walk you through the journey that we have traveled in the past three years in an endeavor to examine, study and understand, holistically, the design of interface and interaction techniques on one particular type of direct-touch computational surfaces -- multi-touch multi-user tabletops. Along the way, I will illustrate our preliminary findings and design principles that we have derived via a set of novel concept pieces that we have created and prototyped, including DiamondSpin tabletop tool kit, multi-user coordination policies, UbiTable, CoRDs, Modal Spaces, Glimpse, ExpressiveTouch bimanual gestures designs and PDH. I will also discuss our preliminary findings on non-speech audio feedback on interactive tabletops, and some of the effects of the size of tables and size of groups on different aspects of multi-user collaboration. Finally, I will conclude by discussing some of our ongoing work on interaction and visualization across multiple surfaces of tables and walls.

This is joint work with MERL researchers Kathy Ryall, Cliff Forlines, Neal Lesh, as well as Fred Vernier (University of Paris), Katherine Everitt (University of Washington), Merrie Ringel Morris (Stanford), Mike Wu (University of Toronto), Mark Hancock (University of Calgary), Bill Buxton (Buxton Design/Microsoft Research, Cambridge), Ravin Balakrishnan (University of Toronto).


Chia Shen is a Senior Research Scientist and Associate Director at the MERL Research Lab, Cambridge MA. Her current research focuses on human computer interaction on shared interactive surfaces, visualization groupware and multi-device environments. Some of her most recent research projects include DiamondSpace, DiamondSpin, UbiTable and PDH (Personal Digital Historian). Prior to her HCI days, she spent many years research into multiprocessor and networked real-time systems. Her published work includes RT-CRM: Real-Time Channel-baesd Reflective Memory, resource reclaiming and user-level scheduling algorithms. In the late 90's, she lead the MidART research project which has been successfully incorporated into several large distributed industrial plant control systems. MidART is a real-time network middleware for applications where humans need to interact, control and monitor instruments and devices in a distributed environment through computer interfaces. (www.merl.com/people/shen)

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